Some Key Uses of Anandamide

We all want to stay fit as long as we live. For this purpose, there must be a very easy remedy for the treatment of some issues so that we can get rid of those health issues as soon as possible. In this article, we will talk more about this topic, in the reference of Anandamide which you can click here for more information.

What is Anandamide

There are many types of hormone, enzymes or chemicals are produced in our bodies. One of these very important chemical substances is Anandamide. The word got its name from the Sanskrit word ‘Anand’ which means happiness, joy, or delight. It is also known as the ‘Joy molecule ‘ or the ‘Bliss molecule’. Its primary location of synthesis is in the brain.

There it is produced in the area, where many other activities and feeling of the body is managed like appetite, movement, pain and many such things. Below have been described the possibility of it in some health issues. Let us know them all one after other in more detail.

Breast cancer

There are many types of diseases that cause fear and some time the permanent loss of life or some organ in humans. Among them all, cancer is one of the very cruel and fatal diseases. There are many types of cancers and all of them are life-threatening to everyone. In women, one very common cancer is breast cancer. Millions of women get affected by it every year and many of them have to lose their lives due to it.

One of the worst parts of it is that in most the cases it gets diagnosed very late and due to it, many people have no opinions except counting the days. According to one report, anandamide also helps to fight against this fatal disease. Under the effect of it , the cancer cells formation becomes very slow. Thus it help women to fight against breast cancers cells and give them some more time to get out of this fatal situation.

Formation of new nerve cells

Our whole body is made up of many organs and tissues and they all work together to keep the body fit. But the question is how do they do it. Actually there are many ways ,through which they do it. One of the very important media between them is nervous system. The web of nervous system is spread throughout the body. Through this system various information and materials are transported from one body part to other.

This is possible due to the neurogenesis or the nerve cells of this system. These nerve cells are also known as neurons. They use a special type of electric signal to establish communication of brain with all parts of the body. Sometimes these nerve cells gets small wear and tear or get damaged adversely. Anandamide plays a very effective role in this case. It like Alpha GPC helps to produce the new nerve cells very quickly and hence the keeps the communication between brain and other body parts alive.